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Annifo is a town positioned at 874 m a.s.l. and organized in several settlements located at the base of the homonymous mountain. It was already known in 1114 and fortified during the 14th century by the people of Foligno. Several pre-Roman castles document the oldest phases of occupation: the most important of these is the nearby Castelliere di Monte Castellaro or "di Talogna". The town boasts the presence of two sanctuaries in addition to the parish church of Sant'Elena: the churches are that of the Madonna del Piano, located downstream and mainly dedicated to the cult of the dead, and that of San Peter and Paolo, located at the southern edge of the settlement and having a therapeutic characteristic. The village is today characterized by the passage of a dense network of hiking trails. From here you enter the Path Italia, an itinerary that crosses the whole nation, and the European Path E1, which goes from North Cape in Norway to Capo Passero in Sicily.