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This church, which later became the oratory of Saint Joseph or of the Trinity, is the result of the enlargement of an older church carried out between 1724 and 1733. The church is surmounted by a dome painted by Francesco Bertosi, with the Trinity in glory of angels at the center and the Evangelists in the pendentives. It also preserves various works of art: in the four niches there are stucco statues depicting San Giovanni Nepomuceno, San Filippo Neri, Temperance and Saint Agnes, attributable to Gioacchino Grampini; on the main altar there is a painting depicting Saint Joseph, the Madonna and the Child with the Eternal Father by Mariano Piervittori. In the transept, there is a painting representing the Martyrdom of San Biagio attributed to Francesco Bertosi and another representing the Transitus of Saint Joseph with the Madonna and Jesus Christ, by an unknown artist of the 17th-18th century. There is also a wooden Crucifix with golden gilding flanked by the painted figures of the Madonna and Saint John (17th century) on the altar to the left of the entrance, and the Martyrdom of Santa Margherita (18th century) on the right altar, both by an unknown author.