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One of the oldest churches in Foligno stands where once was a chapel of the eighth century dedicated to the Assumption, St. Peter and St. Paul, incorporated into the church’s left nave during construction in the twelfth century. The current shape of the façade in white and pink stone is the result of a nineteenth-century renovation that reused elements of a previous rose window to create the disproportionate mullioned window. The small portico is also from the nineteenth century and was made by reusing columns and capitals from the 11th-12th centuries; to its right there is an aedicule of 1480 with a sinopia of a fresco of St. Anne crowned by angels attributed to Mezzastris. The interior is structured in three naves divided by pillars and preserves valuable pictorial works by Ugolino di Gisberto and Pietrantonio Mezzastris and others attributed to Giovanni di Corraduccio, Lattanzio di Niccolò and Niccolò Alunno. Also of note are the beautiful baptismal font and the seventeenth-century statue of the Madonna of Health, made of papier-mâché and plaster, located inside a small marble shrine and perhaps unique in its kind.