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Some trace it back to 1094, but the first written information about this church dates back to the twelfth century, when it was reported to be a parish church assigned to the monastery of Sassovivo. It was renovated in the mid-fourteenth century by the Benedictines; in fact, some traces of their interventions are still visible. From 1434 onwards it was managed by the Eremitani of St. Augustine of the Congregation of S. Maria del Popolo. In this period some chapels were created inside, decorated with frescoes, and the adjoining convent was enriched with further elements. Inside there are paintings by Sebastiano Conca, Marcantonio Grecchi, Domenico Valeri and two temperas on wood by Niccolò Alunno: The Coronation of the Virgin and of Saints Anthony the Abbot and Bernardino of Siena and Nativity and Saints. The function of the convent was suppressed during the French invasion, first in 1798, then in 1810, and definitively in 1860, after having been managed again by the Augustinians for a few decades. It has since become the seat of several institutions over the years.