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This elegant Renaissance palazzo was built on the site of previous structures by Bernardo di Giacomo Castagna and Vannino di Pietro starting in 1517, and was the city hospital until 1860, named after St. John the Baptist or known as “of the infirm”. Renovated in the years 1873-74 by Antonio Felice Poppi, the building has since been used as the School of Arts and Crafts first, then an elementary school, a post office, a cinema hall and as the headquarters of the "White Cross" public assistance firm until 1922. Today the building is used for municipal offices, with the atrium embellished by a bust of Giuseppe Piermarini, while the concert hall, formerly Cinema Edison and Cinema Vittoria, now houses the ZUT!, a space for cultural initiatives and entertainment. The large portico with eleven arches, called the “Logge”, is a local hangout for Foligno’s youth.