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Since 2008 this library has been located in San Giacomo Square. It is one of the oldest libraries in Umbria. It was established in 1662, when the historian Ludovico Jacobilli decided to donate it to the Episcopal Seminary of Foligno, which was active since 1649. In 1875 it was reunited with the Municipal Library at the convent of St Augustine, before being transferred to its current location at the Elmi Andreozzi Palace. It currently boasts over 95,000 items, with over 600 manuscripts, 104 incunabula, 1487 sixteenth century manuscripts and over 5000 ancient editions. It also preserves the numismatic collection of over 1500 Greek and Roman coins donated by the priest Feliciano Marini and it is the seat of the CEDAF (Documentation Center on Saint Angela of Foligno), a book collection donated by the priest Sergio Andreoli.