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On via Gramsci (the ancient via dei Mercanti) and via Palestro there is this building that the jurist Leonardo Vallati had built in the sixteenth century, as shown by the inscription on the architrave of a window: "LEONARDI VALLATI VALLUM". The building was erected by using pre-existing buildings owned by the Vallati family since the fifteenth century. Portals, lunettes, mottos and many decorative elements make this building unique. In the seventeenth century it passed to the Montogli family and today it belongs to the Guiducci family. The dwelling is part of the assets protected by the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI). Inside, in a ground floor room on three lunettes, we can admire the portraits of the three jurists of the university of Perugia: Bartolo from Sassoferrato, Baldo degli Ubaldi and Alessandro degli Ubaldi.