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This palace was built in the late fifteenth century. Formerly it was the family residence of the bishop of Foligno, Luca Borsciani (born in 1490 - died in 1522), to whom Pope Innocent VIII Cibo granted the privilege of adding the surname of Cibo to his surname, and of boasting of his coat of arms. Then the palace was purchased in 1745 by the Nocchi family. The portal framed by diamond-pointed ashlars is noteworthy. The architrave shows classical motifs characterized by frames and dentils; in the centre a coat of arms with the monogram of St Bernardino is inserted. The invocation of God and the date of construction (1497) are engraved on the beam throughout its length. In the lower part, on a shield in the shape of a horse's head, the keystone of the arch bears a coat of arms with another monogram of St Bernardino. The two façades of the building are divided into three orders by simple string courses. The windows are of two types: those on the main floor are made of “caciolfa” stone, sculpted according to Renaissance rules, while the other windows of the higher order have a simple brick molding.