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Built between 1640 and 1660 by the Morotti family, a merchant family originally from Bergamo which rose to the patriciate in 1744. The first member of the family to take up residence in the city was probably Gioacchino di Patrizio, following his marriage with Foligno-born Innocenza Barnabò. In the land registry created at the end of the eighteenth century the building is described as follows: "house of one's own residency composed on the ground floor by atrium, courtyard and well, another small courtyard with cistern, shops and warehouses, wood-stalls, stables, underground cellar, cave and other cellar on the land with heater and a wall-fountain; second floor apartment with living room, anteroom, bedrooms, kitchen and necessary offices; third floor mezzanine, with similar comfort of rooms, half of them with ceiling under the roof; fourth floor used as a granary". The descendants of the family still call this palazzo their home. The interiors are embellished with valuable pictorial decorations.